How To Create Mind-Boggling Videos On Instagram Live

According to a recent study, there was a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on Instagram advertisements during the COVID-19 quarantine period. Considering the increasing use of Instagram overall, it makes sense that this engagement has increased 

You will certainly find your ideal audience in at least one place if you are a marketer: The following are eight tips for creating unmissable Instagram Live content. 

What is Instagram Live? 

A live Instagram story is similar to the one at the top of your feed, but you can record and watch it in real-time. As you scroll down your Instagram feed, live stories will appear in the very first circle icon to indicate that a business or individual is currently live and that other Instagrammers can follow along in real-time.

Let’s talk about how to create high-quality content so that you are ready to go live and engage your audience once you have an idea of what Instagram Live is and why it could be a powerful tool for your marketing.

Be professional and genuine 

Instagram Live rule number one is to be as genuine and authentic as possible. The purpose of this meeting is not to read from a video script or to become a salesman; It is more likely that people are interested in seeing you live because you are a genuine person. At the present time, when social distance is prevalent, people require real, authentic human connectivity, even if it must be achieved through the use of an iPhone screen. Not just stopping with going live on Instagram, you could share the recorded video in your post and buy Instagram likes monthly which ensures you keep engagement coming in constantly.

Take the time to prepare 

Even though it may be tempting to just get on Instagram Live and tell your followers how fantastic your business is, it may not work out the way you pictured it in your head.

 It is definitely true that Instagram Live has a more casual, unplanned atmosphere, yet those who know how to do it right actually plan out their live events ahead and have specific goals in mind. It is no different with your Instagram Live goals. You should set “SMART” objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. 

In addition to setting your objectives, it is also important to plan and schedule the format of the meeting. For example, will your Livestream include a Q&A session? One possible Instagram Live approach could be to Livestream a tour of an office or a product preview, a training session, or even an event.  There are infinite formats available to you, however, it is important not only to choose the format but also to know what you are going to discuss.

Maintain consistency with a series

Consistency is valued, especially in uncertain times. You will boost your chances of being successful on Instagram Live by consistently posting live streams that your followers will enjoy. If you are considering a series, you might want to consider leaning towards content that your audience members typically seek out for something of the type.

Promoting your live sessions in advance is essential

Along with creating a plan and a series of posts that are consistent, you must also communicate this plan to your followers and prospects. The way Instagram Live campaigns should be handled should be similar to the way you would market other live events in person, since you want to let your audience know what, when, where, and why your Instagram Live campaign is going to take place. You may wish to advertise your live event on your other social media channels and e-mails, and then target these promotional efforts to the appropriate audiences. Consider, for instance, reaching out to a specific group of prospects via email to increase their interest in your live event if you believe it will be most appealing to their interests.

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