6 Super Ideas To Increase Your Engagement Rate on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media & the best-promoting app across the world. Many people will follow their favorite brands and engage with them. According to the study, 80% of users have followed the brands. 

Based on Oberlo’s research, Instagram engagement will be measured by views, likes, shares, and comments from the audience. Also, Instagram is 10 times greater than Facebook and 84 times greater than Twitter. 

Here are the 7 super ideas to ensure that your organic marketing campaigns continue to hit their mark. 

Are you ready? 

1. Use Subtitles For Your Instagram Videos

Research says 60% of Instagram stories are viewed with sound, and the remaining 40% of stories are viewed without sound. 

How will you see the videos without sound? 

Of course! You can see the videos without sound by using subtitles. Including subtitles in your videos will help to grasp the audience quickly. Apart from that, people of all languages can watch your videos without annoyance. 

Research from Facebook, caption-adding videos are mostly viewed by the audience, and the views rate increase by 12%. 

2. Use IGTV Formats

IGTV is a mini YouTube channel on Instagram. It allows you to create your content and upload a long video. IGTV is derived from Instagram feeds. 

Now, many marketers will use IGTV functions to explore their brand, increase popularity and generate more revenue. 

The report says 72% of brands reporting there is no intention to make IGTV content in 2019. But, being a new creator on IGTV, brands have less competition for views. And, it works on a unique, mobile-friendly layout which is perfect for evergreen content and interviews. When you buy Instagram TV Comments for your IGTV videos, you will gain more engagement and views organically. 

3. Share User-Generated Content

Posting UGC content is highly beneficial for brands because people trust other people more than the brands. 

If any buyer bought your products, using them and sharing their opinions via posting images, videos on their social networks. If you repost the content with your page will help to increase your brand revenue and popularity soon. 

4. Create a Branded Hashtags

Using a branded hashtag frequently with your content is a part of a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Adding general hashtags is the starting point to reach out to your content. At the same time, creating branded hashtags helps to promote your content shortly and is a promotional way for your brand. Keep in mind that it should be short, memorable, and relevant to your brand. 

You can also place your branded hashtags in your bio. 

5. Pick the Right Hashtags

Choosing the appropriate hashtags in your Instagram posts helps to reach a wider audience. Also, when a user searches by using hashtags, your content will appear on the screen. Hereby, you will gain more traffic and views for your videos. 

For instance, uploading reels content with hashtags will first appear on the screen. And also, buying Instagram reels comments helps to get more engagement for your videos. Even adding one hashtag can increase the engagement rate on your post up to 12.6%.

6. Use CCC Concept in Your Videos

Creativity, clarity, and consistency are king for enterprises that can build brand awareness on Instagram. An erratic approach doesn’t work. 

Focus on presenting your profile among the audience, making style patterns that keep your pictures looking unique, and mastering hashtag use. You should be communicating regularly with your audience to create engagement and loyalty.

By best practices for Instagram, you can enhance your brand presence with a positive and consistent brand to your target audience. 

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